Tie the knot with your wedding menu: serve these 5 tasty treats



Noun, Adjective, Verb

Known as the fuel to any great wedding, the excuse to spark light conversation with that beautiful bridesmaid, the seed to laughter and cheer, the essence of the party (aka the wedding – of course it comes second to the overflowing beauty of the bridal couple).

synonyms: yummies, tasties, something nice.

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There’s no doubt that “food” drones in as the centre of attention at weddings, of course for the bridal couple it’s a special, auspicious day in the sharing of a lifelong commitment to one another but for the guests’ – well, let’s just say it’s just another excuse to enjoy a ‘free meal’. However, don’t get this confused; although it comes across as just a ‘free meal’, it is one of the most talked about segments at weddings. “How was the food?” (What we want to hear) – “It was amazing!”

When it comes to the catering on your special day, we believe it should complement the bridal couples’ taste and should add to the ‘love story’ of the couple – transforming their favourite tasty treats into delectable wedding menu highlights. Indulging in comfort foods at your wedding could really make everyone feel like their happy ending has begun. This is why we would like to share some of the simple yet elegantly prepared fun favourites with you! You don’t have to Google the entre names with your new tech savvy mobile phone anymore, the nose will know, guaranteed!

macaroni-and-cheese-mscs102_vert_martha stewart

Source: Martha Stewart

When Mac and Cheese say: “I cheesy do”

Work in the magic of the day with a famous favourite – macaroni and cheese! Consult with your caterer and ask them to re-imagine this cheesy dish, perhaps adding some leeks and spring onion could do the trick. We love the way Martha Stewart made the cheese into a cracker here, it really transformed the dish.


Source: Wedding Colorado website

The P-i-z-z-a fairy

The peezza (said like an italiano) fairy embraces us on weekends with a base of crusted goodness, smothered with chilli tomato sauce, layered with chewy cheeses and pieces of chorizo that melt into the cheese and scream ‘surprise’ when you are about to reach the end. Yes, you can have the best of both worlds, a land where fairytales are made up of saying “I do” to your favourite foods! Choose your favourite pizzas and converse with your caterer – perhaps they could suggest a fresh pizza making station or add your own toppings table.


Source: Audrey Magazine website

Milk and cookies

An oldie but oh so heavenly…Serving this at your wedding will definitely get you into Santa’s good books so pull out your much loved biscuits (even if it’s Ouma’s Rusks) and get your caterer to work up a milk moustache to transform this into an ideal dessert.


Source: Habitat Events

Caramel me, popcorn

This would be a lovely way to get guests all sugared up during the formalities. It not only has the power to keep you sweet but also has the ability to keep you mobile – as does many of our food ideas here. It’s all in the packaging – so keep it cute caterer! Dressing up your foods can be the most welcoming of styles when it comes to breathing personality into the wedding menu.


Source: The little epicurian

Twist, lick and dunk

Mason jar madness features many combinations but none as orgasmic as this. An Oreo layered dessert could just end up making your guests’ fall in love with you – beware of unwelcomed visits if you share too much! The great thing about the Mason jar concept is that it’s easy to house your Oreo concoction and it moves away from the traditional desert bowl.

These are just a few of our favourites, but you can go further and do chip and dip stations, or mozzarella grilled cheese sandwiches with a shot glass of tomato soup, and more. Remember that your wedding menu should reflect your tastes and should embrace food traditions that you and your partner have become accustomed to – this is what makes the day a perfect match – when you, your traditions and your not so secret indulgences become transparent to the one (s) you love – your family and friends.

Tell us which of your favourite indulgences you would like to reinvent? Leave us your comments below and you could WIN Chef Reuben’s Robertson’s Recipe book.


Wedding photography tips for a spectacular wedding album


Source: weddingomania


What wedding photography style should I go for? This a common question many brides to be -have. Especially in this ultra-modern times, where being either the classic, timeless bride is your idea of an ideal wedding. Or if you are an eccentric type bride who loves to live out of the box and push the boundaries. If this means you are going to stand out beyond the cliché of what a normal wedding photography shoot is. Then this article should give you the inspiration you need.

This article looks at how creative ideas in these modern times, has changed the way people think about traditional wedding photography. It gives the modern day bride an outlook at what clever and unique wedding photography tips and ideas are out there, and it also looks at what a bride should watch out for when selecting a wedding photographer.


Source: Junbug and Unique wedding


Wedding photography ideas

As the autumn approaches its peak, there is nothing more romantic than making use of this wonderful time of year to have a beautiful wedding day. But not only is autumn the perfect time to have a wedding in South Africa, it also tends to fall in a period that is greatly associated with public and religious holidays. Giving you all the time off that you need to have that amazing wedding you deserve.

Because Easter falls within the autumn period in South Africa, this gives brides and photographers a like many unique and fun opportunities to play with when selecting a theme for their wedding photography shoots. Whether you as a bride would like to keep it contemporary and traditional or would rather like to go all out, there are no boundaries to what can limit your imagination.

10 Autumn wedding photography ideas:

  • An Easter inspired theme
  • Falling leaves in a rustic forest
  • Using dead/ dying trees to set the back drop
  • Making use of fallen leaves as confetti
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Make use of a photo booth with accessories for guests to partake
  • Stage a mad hatter tea party with the bride and groom in an area with lots of trees (For the more adventurous)
  • Have all brides maids and grooms men part take in a staged shoot where there create something or reenact a famous/ well known scene
  •  Have a sunset beach or vineyard of the bride and groom letting lose lanterns
  • Have all guests partake in one big group aerial photo, with the bride and groom as the center pieces.

wp 5

Source: Weddingomania

Check out this video for some awesome Easter time wedding ideas: http://bit.ly/1GVcpfA

Bridal tips for selecting the fight photographer

Being a bride can often be very demanding, especially when you are being stretched ten different ways to make everyone around you happy. However, brides should try not to lose focus on the important details that may just save them a headache or two on their wedding day.

A bride that knows what she wants, and how she wants things done is on top of things when it comes to one of the most important days in her life. Once you have decided what you would like your photography theme to be, the next step for a bride is to source the best photographer that can deliver on what the bride has pictured in her mind. But be careful who you choose as your wedding photographer, as you only get once chance to get this right.

What to look for when selecting a photographer:

  • Get more than one photographer on board during your selection process
  • Ask to see any of their credentials
  • Have a look at their portfolios (almost any good photographer has a portfolio)
  • Get some reliable references that can back the photographer
  • Check the photographers Facebook, Instagram or website to see the quality of their work
  • Finally do a Google search to find any reviews on the photographer, this can provide you with good insights as to whether the photographer is any good at what they do. You may be surprised at what you find online.

What does this all mean?

As a bride having an awesome wedding album to look back on and to show off to all of your friends and family, is all part of the experience of being a newlywed. There is just something about it that can transport a bride back to that day and allow her to relish in the same emotions she felt while celebrating one of the most important days of her life.

Today, modern brides are lucky in the fact that they can challenge convention and make something that use to be a very traditional part of a wedding a whole new experience on its own. Although it is important for any bride to remember, that they need to make sure they do their research into the photographers before deciding who to use. At the end of the day, it will be the bride and groom who will have to live with the result of the photographs once the wedding day has come and gone.

If you would like to know more about choosing the right photographers as well as learn about some unique wedding photography ideas, you can visit The Fairy Tale Wedding company website by [clicking here].

“As Autumn leaves turn their brilliant hue, two hearts will join and say I do.”  – Unknown

Traditions and the Modern Day Bride

It’s that time of the year again, wedding season! Well that is if you are one of the more traditional brides and you need to get married in a season where society has said you should. Its sunny and warm, you wouldn’t want it to rain on your wedding day. I ask why not? Its hot my dress is huge (yet another tradition, the big white dress more on this to follow) its 100 degrees outside and I’m going make my guests sit in the heat. Why not get married in cooler weather. Overcast weather makes for a beautiful backdrop for your photos and not to mention that most venues are half the price for weddings “out of season.


Here comes the bride… the wedding march just one of the many traditions brides feel the need to conform to on their big day. I have been to more and more weddings where the couple have decided that the bride will march to a much happier upbeat song. I mean don’t get mewrong I am the first one to grab the tissues when I stand at the first beat of the wedding march knowing that the beautiful bride is about to brace us with her presence.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 21.00.55

Another tradition I see more and more brides doing away with is having someone walk them down the isle. I’m not sure if this started with woman who doesn’t have that special someone to walk with her and give her away. Or if some brave bride stood up and decided that enough is enough and she is not some prized possession that some one can just hand over. Rather, that she has been independent for a long time now, probably living with her partner, and in todays time she just cannot justify why she cannot take that last walk alone, by herself as the strong independent woman she has grown up to be.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 21.12.21Image Source: kellee Walsh

“Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” why would you want to drag around other peoples things on your day. I mean you have only been planning the most important outfit of your life for months. Why not incorporate some blue high heels as you modern take on the blue. Sew a small swatch of a shirt or dress from someone who is important to you as your something old. You could also ask you maid of honor for something she did in on her wedding day, like borrow an idea for your something borrowed. And as for your something new this one is easy lets face it your dress, your jewels or even your new surname there are many new options for you to choose from.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 21.16.03Image Source: Pinterest

But in the end and in actual fact it is just that, your, well you and your partner’s (we cannot forget that it is their day too) big day. So why not do exactly what you want to. If you want the big dress, hot weather, so on and so on go ahead but if you would like to modernize old traditions I ask… Why not?

If all I did was confuse what it is you want why not add a comment below or better yet book a consultation at Fairytale Wedding Co where we will make your traditional, modern, normal, crazy wedding day come true!

Top 5 Tips & Trends: Choosing your Wedding Dress

Top 5 Tips & Trends: Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Congratulations! You are planning your fairytale wedding. Although there are so many things that need taken care of, the bride is one of for the top of your list. Here are the top 5 tips and trends along with the do’s and the don’ts when choosing your beautiful wedding dress:

#5 Not your wedding cake tiers:

Top 5 Tips & Trends: Choosing your Wedding Dress
Source: Getty / Fernanda Calfat

Whether it is cascading tiers in the form of drapes, perfectly spaced or a single tier – the “I’m my husband’s wedding cake” look is trending this year. While adding volume to the dress, this look also hides any bumps that you might not have lost these last couple of weeks (Don’t worry, we don’t judge)

Celebrity Example: Poppy Delevingne

Quick Dress Do’s and Don’ts Tip: When is the best time to start shopping for a wedding dress? After the venue and date has been set but definitely 6 months in advance.

#4 Hollywood Slit:

Top 5 Tips & Trends: Choosing your Wedding Dress
Source: Getty / JP Yim

All the way from the Red Carpet, the slit has now arrived as part of the wedding trends for 2015. Anything from a long slit to a short slit can add sexiness to your wedding dress. The key is to show a little leg but to keep it elegant. (We don’t want to show off what we’re pledging to offer to one specific man, now do we ladies?)

Celebrity Example: Olivia Palermo

Quick dress Do’s and Don’ts Tip: Who should I invite to the wedding dress shopping? Keep the numbers low. Only invite two or three trusted and constructive people. The last thing you need is conflicting opinions, Debbie Downers and hidden agendas.

#3 Fully Sleeved:

Top 5 Tips & Trends: Choosing your Wedding Dress
Source: Peter Dundas on Instagram

This look can work for winter, spring and summer weddings. It is known as one of the top trends this fall. Full sleeves can be anything from airy lace to sheer tulle – depending on your taste. (Remember to keep it tasteful. You don’t want people thinking you went hunting for bunnies)

Celebrity Example: Poppy Delevingne

Quick Dress Do’s and Don’ts Tip: Know your budget. Include things like alterations, shoes, jewellery and your veil in the “Wedding Dress” budget. This keeps it realistic.

#2 Blink and you’ll miss them straps:

Top 5 Tips & Trends: Choosing your Wedding Dress

Although 99.9% of ladies go for the strapless look (and 99.9% of women plays pull up the whole night) some ladies choose the spaghetti straps. This gives you the benefit of straps while not taking away from the rest of the dress.

Celebrity Example: Lauren Conrad

Quick Dress Do’s and Don’ts Tip: Don’t be narrow minded when choosing a dress. Keep your options open and try different types. Choose a dress type that suits your body type (This is very important)

#1 Open Back:

Top 5 Tips & Trends: Choosing your Wedding Dress
Source: Kim Kardashian on Instagram

In the past, all the attention was on the front of the dress. This year, it is said that the back of the dress is just as important as the front of the dress (The poses on the red carpet may or may not have something to do with this.) The open back dress can either be completely bare or lace bare.

Celebrity Example: Kim Kardashian West

Quick Dress Do’s and Don’ts Tip: Wear proper underwear when shopping for a wedding dress.

Keep in mind that wedding dress shopping is completely different to normal shopping. You will be getting undressed in front of a lot of ladies – be comfortable by wearing proper undies.

Now that you have all the 2015 top tips and trends for wedding dresses, it’s your turn. Go out and find the perfect dress for your fairytale wedding. Good luck!

Taking Your Wedding Online: ideas to make your wedding tech-friendly

Taking Your Wedding Online: ideas to make your wedding tech-friendly
Source: Pinterest Image Search

These days weddings can seem almost futuristic (just ask Grandma). Just think about the amount of tech that goes into a wedding – from online web searches and planning to the equipment DJs, photographers and videographers use. And whilst weddings are timeless, traditional and sentimental affairs, technology tends to be cold and impersonal changing ever so often. So how can the two worlds intersect into a well-organized and tasteful 21st century wedding?

There is no arguing it – technology makes wedding planning a breeze. Thank goodness for list-making websites, Pinterest boards  to inspire us, online registries and online bridal shopping to name but a few. But with the ever-present technology factor, it also means that a lot of your wedding might be live on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter before you can even said “I do”.

Taking your wedding online and embracing technology doesn’t mean you have to live Tweet the event or that you and your groom will update your relationship status at the altar (like this couple  did). It simply means that you’re adding a creative online touch to your wedding and allowing your guests to become part of your wedding in a whole new way.

Here are a few ideas for the tech-savvy bride that wants to share her wedding with loved ones that are scattered across the globe and use technology to make her wedding even more memorable.

Save The Date Video
Save the Date cards are very trendy, but why not make a video that can eventually become part of your wedding website? It’s a fun way for you and your partner to get into the wedding planning spirit and guests will enjoy a unique and creative video invite. It can be fun and funky, epic  or super dramatic  – whatever suits your style. You can have it professionally shot and edited or use your smartphone’s video editor. As long as both your personalities are shining through, your guests will have a blast watching it and will RSVP in an instant.

A Website for Your Wedding
Wedding websites aren’t anything new but a great tool for any wedding – especially if you have a lot of international guests. If you and you partner love getting creative you can regularly update it with blog posts or video messages to your friends and family about how the planning is going. It’s also a fun way of getting your guests involved in your wedding, give suggestions (like one song they want to hear at the wedding party) and getting into the wedding mood.

A Hashtag To Help You Get Social
This is probably the one wedding tech tip that every bride should consider. Since there are no stopping guests with smartphones and Facebook, you might as well embrace it and give them a specific hashtag to use for your wedding. This way you’ll be able to see some of your wedding pictures whilst on honeymoon as the hashtags will make it easy for you to track your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Promote your hashtag on the invites, your website, selected décor and table settings.

Live-streaming Your Wedding
Yours doesn’t need to be as lame (or hilarious) as the Happy Endings Episode when Penny gets stuck at the Skype table, but it’s a great add-on to your wedding especially if you have guests who can’t attend the big day. You can use Skype, Google+ Hangouts on Air or pay-for services like UStream and Livestream. Have one person set it up before the wedding, test it a few times and control the connections and screens throughout the event (we’d even be happy to do this for you!).

See your wedding from a different perspective
Who doesn’t love going GoPro crazy every now and then? Put a GoPro in your bouquet and catch all the first looks on camera (especially that handsome guy tearing up at the altar). Make sure you pass the camera around the dance floor later in the evening – guests will love it and you’ll get to see some amazing moves and expressions (and angles!) you missed out on. You can even attach the camera to a prop that gets passed around the guests (like this couple did) which is a great way to keep your wedding party engaged and entertained.

What are your thoughts about wedding tech? Which of these tech-savvy trends will you consider for your wedding day?

If you want to make use of these or any other wedding tech initiatives on your wedding day, make sure to contact us on the form below and we can talk you through some options to incorporate into your big day. We’ll also be at the FAB Bridal Expo at GrandWest Casino on 28 & 29 March 2015. Catch up with us there to enquire about tech-solutions for your wedding day.